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Christopher Murphy


One of the benefits of being on Propel is that the programme features access to a vast array of ‘perks’. One of these perks is $1,000 in credit towards Notion’s Team Plan, which I’m delighted to have just received.

A number of my final year students have been using Notion – for note-taking and project management – and I’ve been meaning to put it through its paces. I now have no excuse.

Notion – if you’re unfamiliar with it – bills itself as an ‘all-in-one workspace’ allowing you to write, plan, collaborate and get organised. Their startup case study – featuring Cocoon (itself fascinating) – summarises this snappily, billing it as, “Your startup’s operating system.”

Given my mission – to put world-class education within reach of all – I’ve been experimenting with using Notion to create a wiki that collects everything I’ve ever taught, linking ‘knowledge fragments’ together.

I think there’s something in the idea of sharing two decades of my teaching materials for free, but selling ‘learning pathways’ through that content.

Put simply: The content would be accessible to all, but I’d sell my services as ‘a navigator’ to take learners through this body of knowledge.

Taking this idea further, I’d be able to gather everything I’ve ever worked on – interviews with other designers, for example – and make it available in one, centralised resource.

I’m still toying with this idea – especially after my meeting with Atto on Friday – but I think there might be something in this.

About the author…

A designer, writer and speaker based in Belfast, Christopher mentors purpose-driven businesses, helping them to launch and thrive. He’s currently building designtrack, an education-focused startup.

As a design strategist, Christopher has worked with companies, large and small, to help drive innovation, drawing on his 25+ years of experience working with clients including: Adobe, EA and the BBC.


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